Friday, March 29, 2013

What you need to know about the Chiefs draft!

 The NFL equivalent of Christmas is just around the corner(April 25-27) and  The Kansas City Chiefs got an early present with this weeks visit(link)by top prospect Leon Sandcastle who announced his eligibility for the draft during the Super Bowl.. What brought such a prestigious visitor?  Kansas City holds the #1 overall pick In the draft for the first time since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970. As of  now the Chiefs hold the following picks:

Round 1 - Pick 1
Round 3 - Pick 63
Round 3 – Pick 96
Round 4 - Pick 99
Round 5 - Pick 134
Round 6 - Pick 170
Round 6 – Pick 204
Round 7 – Pick 207

Picks #96 and #204 are compensatory picks, awarded to Kansas City as compensation for free agent losses(primarily Brandon Carr), and therefore can't be traded. The Chiefs already traded ther second round pick(#34 overall) to San Francisco for quarterback Alex Smith.

You might expect a team that finished 2-14 last year to be devoid of talent, but that is not the case with this years chiefs squad wich returns 6 pro bowlers and the youngest roster in the league. Add the injury return of a Pro Bowl caliber receiver in Dwayne Bowe, the addition of  Smith at quarterback and a solid free aqent class you have a team with positional flexibility going into the draft.

The real wild card here is Brandon Albert who has been assigned the franchise tag, and could potentially be traded. Rumor has it link 1 link 2 that KC is looking to get at least a 2nd round pick to replace the one they gave up in the Alex Smith trade.  If Albert is traded its almost certain the Chiefs will select an offensive tackle with their first pick.  Even If albert isn't traded Tackle is an option with the release of Right tackle Eric Winston. There are three Offensive Tackles who could be considered with that top pick. Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel, Central Michigan's Eric Fisher, or Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson.

A couple months ago(Pre Alex Smith trade)any fan suggesting using the number one pick on anything other than quarterback(presumably West Virginia QB Geno Smith), was in danger of being burned at the stake by his peers. At this point a lot of chiefs fan(myself included) are hoping KC is able to trade down in the draft and acquire extra picks and then take the best remaining tackle. The best chance at trading down is finding two teams who really want Geno Smith.

The Chiefs are taking their time and appear to be interested in just about everyone, especially along the defensive line, but  a lot of pre-draft hype is smoke and mirrors. Here is a list of the players the chiefs have a rumored interest in:  Prospects 

Having put in place a new coach and a new quarterback, and holding the number one overall pick kc's new General Manager, John Dorsey, has every opportunity to restore the Kansas City Chiefs  franchise to Greatness. Last year the Chiefs had the worst record in football, and now,a few short months later, hope is in the air, and ultimately that's what makes the NFL great.  

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